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Gift Ideas: For Adventure, Eco-Friendly, and Well-being Enthusiasts

December 23, 20235 min read

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Are you looking for last minute gift ideas for the fast-approaching holidays? Check out the curated list below!

Science Rules text over blue graphic with beakers and water drops

1. Science Kits for All Ages

MEL Science offers science kits for a variety of ages. Provide a gift that enables discovery and teachable moments. For a limited time receive 50% off your first subscription box with code CHRISTMAS. Kits are available in your choice of topic and age range:

  • STEM, Ages 5–10+

  • Math, Ages 8–12+

  • Space, Ages 8–14+

  • Physics, Ages 8–14+

  • Chemistry, Ages 10–16+

  • Medical, for teens, students, and medicine enthusiasts!

2. For the Curious, Creative, Adventurous Kiddos

An Adventure Book:

On the Nature Trail book cover

For a fun activity for any time of year pick up a copy of the fun-filled activity book, Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail: What Will You Find? Bring it along for an outdoor adventure and make some memorabilia with the kids!

Craft Supplies:

Air dry clay exercise from On The Nature Trail book

Air dry clay makes a great companion gift for one of the activities from On The Nature Trail book, shown above. My choice would be this product, since it has less packaging compared to other brands that supply in large plastic tubs.

For the Younger Ones:

Are you looking for a gift to assist in early language and vocabulary? This book set has three stories that will take little ones on trips to the farmers market, the forest, and a wildflower meadow.

PS: Don't forget to add a special bookmark when gifting a book this season. When I added one to mark the clay activity page above, my nephew shouted with excitement that the book "even comes with a bookmark!" :)

3. For Cozy Home Vibes

Wool patterned blanket as gift idea

Pendleton products are made to last and have eye-catching designs. I adore the patterns and quality, which has stood the test of time. My top picks would be their famed spa and beach towels and their wool blankets, available from throw sizes to king size bedding. I'm a fan of sleeping with natural, breathable materials for a healthier sleeping environment, and I can rest peacefully with Pendleton bedding. Give the gift of long-lasting, beautiful, quality comfort this holiday season.

4. For the Wellness Enthusiast

To promote well-being create a special curation of 100% pure essential oils. My favorite choice are oils by Aura Cacia, which you can find in Whole Foods Market. They even sell essential oil kits for kids. Avoid artificial fragrances and choose natural ingredients that are straight from Mother Nature. An essential oil diffuser or even a simple fragrance-free epsom salt goes well with your hand-picked essential oil gift set.

If you're looking for other ideas, a Guasha tool is a great treatment option for someone who needs to add a little self-care to their day. Or a medicinal garden seed kit for someone that wants to grow their own healing herbs right at home.

Essential Oils: Click here.

Image of Aura Cacia essential oils in a wooden painted box

Essential Oil Diffuser: Click here.

Essential oil diffuser as gift idea

Guasha Tool: Click here.

Guasha for gift idea

Medicinal Seed Kit: Click image below.

Medicinal Seed Kit Image of Various Flower Blooms

5. For the Adventurer

In my opinion, Yeti makes the best performing products for outdoor living, from coolers to travel mugs and tumblers.

A reliable head lamp or solar lantern are always useful on any camping trip or adventure (or even in a power outage!).

These cozy camping chairs by Kelty come in two seat heights of 19" or 13.5". We love the low style chair when sitting by the fire! It's just that much easier to duck when the wind blows smoke your way unexpectedly. Plus the carrying case doubles as a firewood carrier, or even a door mat at the tent entry.

Kelty Camping Chairs as gift idea

Let's not forget the kiddo's:

If you have a little one who wants an outdoor camping setup or an immediate indoor fort, check out this Pop-Up Adventure Tent from Bass Pro Shops. My nephews had a blast playing in this!

6. For the Green Living Enthusiast

Salad greens growing in garden

Do you know someone who wants to start composting or is using an old plastic container for their food scraps? Gather up the goods in this stylish compost bin, which includes a charcoal filter to prevent unwanted odors.

Are you searching for a gift for someone who wants to start growing their own food and master small scale homesteading? Grab a copy of The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan. If someone is dreaming of their future abundant garden, give the gift of an organic seed set to get them started!

7. For the Pet Lovers

Gift the gift of a precious keepsake this holiday season with the pawprint ornament kit. I was gifted a set for my two dogs and I love that I'll have a cast of their pawprints. It was a no-mess situation. Nothing stuck to their paws, and after a few attempts to earn their trust that they could step onto the clay we had a successful imprint.

Pawprint ornament with other Christmas ornaments hangs from a shelf

8. For the Nature Lovers

Bring in an abundance of life for the nature lover to observe right from the comfort of home. From butterflies to birds, there will always be something to observe year-round when offering the essentials of water, food, and habitat. A heated water dish is sure to attract birds in areas that freeze over. Something as simple as a suet feeder is always a big attraction here in the winter season. Or give the gift of future blooms with native milkweed, which are the only host plant for the monarch butterfly.

Butterfly on Milkweed

& That's a Wrap!

But are you still looking for other gift ideas? You can check out my other top picks for favorite Products and Books, or from my past blog posts. Enjoy your time with family and friends this holiday season, and I wish you all the best in the year ahead!

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